Transitioning To Natural Nails

Natural Nails

Silly me for being the little girl in 6th grade who begged her mom for acrylics because it was the cool factor to have airbrushed french manicured nails with designs. Low and behold, mama followed through with her baby girl’s wishes, and there went my healthy nail bed. I’ve been an acrylic nail wearer for about 12 years, and consequently my nails were thin as wax paper and as flimsy as a cooked spaghetti noodle. After many failed attempts at wearing my natural nails, I finally said I would follow through with my last try at having the adorable natural nails I’ve always wanted. It took me a while to transition because I was once a bartender/server so my hands were constantly dipped in harsh chemicals, which could have been damaging towards my nails but I gave it my best and it worked. With the help a close friend encouraging me to stick with natural nails –I have been acrylic free since September 2013! I still have a long way to go but I can finally function without being afraid of splitting or breaking my natural nails. Here are a few tricks I used to jump start my natural nail growth:

  • Short and sweet is the way to go when growing out your damaged nail bed. I literally kept my nails trimmed right at the point of the tip of my fingers to avoid breaking them.
  • Gel nails first … I wouldn’t recommend only using polish. Gel is a little thicker than plain polish, and it adds a little more strength.
  • Use gloves when cleaning. Gloves should become your best friend! Anytime I cleaned my house or washed dishes, I always used gloves to avoid thinning your gel polish or damaging your nail bed.
  • Vitamins! I took my daily dose of biotin to speed the process of nail growth. For some reason my nails don’t grow as fast, unless something is on them like gel, so this helped me a lot.
  • Up your water intake.
  • Patience … trust me this is tedious process and it takes about 6 months to notice a difference, but its so worth it.

Here are a few photos of my natural nails from October 2013 to February 2014





Good luck!

Xo, Triena

Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself


I would really like to think that I am this 25 year-old career driven young woman who has it all together. Living a luxurious lifestyle that includes fabulousity, being fearless and carefree all while waking up peacefully with perfect hair, expensive wardrobes, not regretting having seconds at dinner last night and even completing each goal on my bucket list. Truthfully, I’m none of that. I’m a work in progress, who hasn’t met every goal on my to-do list but always manages to get the job done. I shop clearance and love it. I’m not exactly at the point I imagined I’d be at on my 25-year mark. I am a young woman who loves her passion so much that no career-salary could ever one-up her. I choose to pursue happiness over perfection, because I sleep better at night when I’m happy. This blog will be stained with reflections of me, small imperfections which beautifully make sense, and I am okay with that. With that said, I invite you to see things through my eyes. My view may not be the best seat in the house, but it is cozy, versatile and ever complex and I guarantee you will love it. This thing called life is my most beautiful, daring and fulfilling experience … and I am excited to share it with you.

Welcome to Circa 88 –it all started back in 1988.


Blood Oranges


I’m slightly obsessed with blood oranges. I’ve always heard of their amazing health benefits but never saw them in any local supermarkets until recently. I must say, I’m hooked! Here’s a rundown of the blood-like colored oranges. Blood oranges are like your typical orange but with magical powers times 10. No seriously, whereas your typical premium orange gives you about 30-40% of your daily dose of vitamin C, blood oranges sweep the competition by 177%. Not only that, the red blood-like color comes from a key factor, Anthocyanin. Anthocyanin is found in eggplant, cabbage, berries, grapes, kidney beans, just about anything that has rich red/purple color. What makes blood oranges so special is that it not only supplies your body with your daily dose of vitamin C but it is proven to fight against cancer cells, inflammation, aging, and more. This super food is a must try, don’t let the foreignness fool you. Here’s an easy DIY Blood Orange Juice, that I enjoy.

Blood Orange Juice


  • 4 Blood Oranges
  • 1 Beet
  • 2 Carrots

Peel blood oranges and beets, rinse and chop carrots … blend and enjoy!

Happy Juicing!

Xo, Triena

Lush Spring Lips

spring lip


We’re officially itching to put away winter lip colors … it’s time to pull out your spring haul! I’m sure I’m not the only gal who’s ready to pair Pink Nuevo nights along with fun accessories and bright nail polish! If you’re looking to up your lipstick stash, here are a few of my favorite dupes!

Dupe ListXo,



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