It’s summer, summer, summer time! While everyone is excited about this amazing weather and the glorious long summer days I’ve been busy getting my summer beauty game up! Quite frankly, you can’t have the same beauty and hair routine for winter and summer. Our skin, tone, and texture changes as the months go by so you have to accommodate your beauty plans for both winter and summer. The same goes for your hair. During winter your hair tends to be much more dry and fragile, while in summer you must have an intense heat protectant. Here are some of my favorite summer beauty and hair must-haves.


Dewy is in during summer –out with the matte and in with the shine! For a flawless and dewy finish to your everyday face this NYX Born To Glow creme illuminator is perfect for a soft glisten. It sells for less that $8 at any local drugstore or beauty store that carries NYX products. For warmer skin tones choose the color ‘gleam’ for cooler tones choose color ‘sunbeam’. Retail Price: $8.00

mac_sku_MW5K01_640x600_0Setting Spray

Ever get the caky feeling after applying makeup … even if you only apply a little? That can easily be fixed with a mist of setting spray. Not only does it refresh your face by bringing back it’s natural glow after applying your makeup, it also sets your makeup so that it doesn’t run or smudge from your skin’s natural oils and the warm weather. MAC’s Prep & Prime Fix + is formulated to assist with oil control and the best part about it is, a little goes a long way. Retail Price: $22.00

Repairing Hair Mask-240x339Hair Masks

Whoever said hair masks were only for winter lied! You need to do intense hair treatments year ’round especially if you’re active during the summer. If you’re anything like me you enjoy being in the pool almost every weekend –or beach trips. All of the chlorine and salt water can do a lot of damage to your hair, mostly drying it out. To give your hair moisture it’s best to use a repair mask at least once a week to restore moisture. Modere’s Repairing Hair Mask is infused with intense moisture like sunflower seed oil, sugar cane, grape seed oil, tea tree oil and best of all almond and wheat protein for rebuilding those follicles. Retail Price: $29.00

x354-q80Curling Gel

You want your curls preserved but without the crunch of most styling gels. The best thing for curls are moisture but if you have hair like mine you could go without everyday conditioning and get by with just water and a holding gel. So instead go using a styling gel that only adds alcohol and tackiness to your hair, choose something moisture based that has a light hold like this Bamboo Smooth Curls. It helps tame frizz and leaves your hair soft instead of crunchy! Retail Price: $25.00

Happy Summer Shopping



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