5 Sleeping Beauty Tips I Swear By

Beauty TipsEver feel like you aren’t getting a good night’s rest? Or maybe you just don’t know the true meaning of beauty sleep. Well I’m one of those girls who loves to get pampered before bed. I go the extra mile to prep my body and my skin for calming down just before it’s time for rest. I like to think of these tips as my sleeping beauty remedies for the best beauty rest! Here are a few things that I absolutely must do before bed in order to prepare myself for a fabulous next day.

  1. Always Drink Water Before Bed. Drinking water before bed will change your life! It’s hard for me to calm down before bed, especially if I’ve been on the go all day. Water balances energy levels, hormones and soothes your body just before bed; it also prevents headaches. I use to wake up with really bad headaches before I began consuming water before bed; I later found out that I became dehydrated in my sleep. Now I drink a cup of water before bed and it eliminates my headache-like symptoms.
  2. Prevent Dark Circles. Vitamin E Oil is my saving grace … especially when I’m really tired and fear having raccoon eyes the next morning. Nightly I apply a pinch of Vitamin E oil around my eyes to hydrate and moisturize. Not only does it eliminate dark circles but it assists with puffiness, too.
  3. Butter Up! What girl doesn’t want baby’s bum soft feet? We all do! For an intensely moisturizing overnight treatment, lather your feet in a heavy amount of moisturizer like shea butter, coconut oil or even vaseline and sleep in socks. If you would like to take the softness up a notch; lather your feet in moisturizer and wrap each foot in plastic wrap, then sleep in socks … you will wake up with the softest feet ever!
  4. Humidify Your Skin. Ladies with dry skin, (especially during winter months) it may be best to sleep near a humidifier. The dampness in the air will open up your pores as if you were in a sauna. The moisture will lock in and hydrate your skin while assisting with dryness.
  5. Only Use Masks, Exfoliants And Other Skin Treatments Before Bed. One of the most misunderstood usage instructions pertaining to skin treatments is that you can use them anytime. Please note that it’s best to only use skin treatments at night. If you use facial masks, exfoliants and/or body scrubs, never use them during the day. You want to only use them at night so that your skin and body can calm down from the intense treatment it just experienced. Never scrub your skin and then add a full face of makeup. Always allow your skin to set in a clean state. For best beauty benefits only use facial masks and exfoliants before bed. The awesome and clean feeling you get after using it also makes it better for you to drift right to blissful sleep.

These are a just a few of my favorite sleeping beauty tips, I hope you enjoy and use them! If you have any beauty rest tips or questions please comment and share!


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