Beauty Tip: Ice Cube Facial

icecube facial

Given that I’ve always had an uneven skin tone, it’s rare that I find a match for makeup. Over the years I’ve managed to maintain a healthy and even skin tone and I must thank skin icing for that. Fighting blotchy skin can be a tedious process, especially when you’re in between a tan or color shades. For example, that in between stage where your winter makeup is too light and your summer makeup is too dark. Skin icing is perfect for evening skin tones, giving an instant glow/ fresh face look and even has great skin benefits. It may sound taunting using ice-cold temperatures on your face, but I swear by this, your skin will thank you for its new brightened and dewy look. It’s become my nightly ritual. Here are a few things I’ve learned about skin icing.

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Pore Minimizer & Smoother

Icing your skin sends an instant message for your skin cells to tighten, which helps with minimizing pores. It also helps unclog pores that appear to be larger in size and are more prone to exposure. Your skin will appear smoother while the ice tones and revitalizes the skin.

Circulation & Puffiness

The freezing temperatures help with the circulation of blood cells around your face. Just as you would ice a sprained ankle, your face needs extra circulation, too.  For better assistance with circulation, try sleeping on at least two pillows. Elevation helps circulate blood flow.

Acne & Blemishes

It’s a known fact that cold temperatures calm irritated skin cells. If you’re battling a bad breakout, skin icing can assist in settling the redness and irritation.

How To:

On clean skin, wrap an ice cube in a clean washcloth (or napkin, I use napkins because of disposability and it’s thinner than a washcloth so my face feels all the ice action.)

Never apply the ice cube directly, always wrap it. Direct ice can be harmful to skin cells.

Gently massage the ice over your face for about 5 minutes. It may be a cold sensation at first but you will start looking forward to icing your face nightly. Enjoy instant brightened skin!

I would love your feedback. If you’re trying an ice cube facial for the first time, let me know how much your skin loves it. Happy Skin Icing!

Xo, Triena


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