Modere: My New Skincare Regimen

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 5.13.52 PMI’m really one of those people who keeps trying things until they find that one thing I love. Especially if I’m looking for a certain thing. Let’s just say, I’ve found my skincare soulmate. Just so you know, I only believe in sharing products that I truly believe, have used, and have seen work. I started using Modere at the beginning of March after experiencing a series of rough days with my skin. I typically have very normal and balanced skin, but after winter’s harsh weather –I was very dry in some places (like my forehead) and oily in my t-zone. A few weeks ago I even suffered from a small breakout. I needed to change my skin care regimen and I needed to adjust it fast.

After reviewing sensitive skin, all natural products, I decided to give Modere’s Beauty Box a try. Why? Because it literally came fully-loaded with every single skincare item you could possibly need. A cleanser, moisturizer, toner, exfoliant, serums, THE WORKS! I tried the beauty box for 7 days before deciding that I wanted to keep it. Once I decided I wanted to keep it they charged my account $79.99 … for some that seems pretty steep, but I typically spend $30 on one bottle of facial soap and $38 on one bottle of moisturizer, so 80 bucks for more than 5 things is a major bargain!

After trying to products for over a month, here are my results:

Modere Cleanser:

My favorite thing about this cleanser is that it is very mild and gentle. It reminded me of using something natural and soft for a baby’s bath. It soothed my skin instead of stripping it from moisture. In fact, after I cleaned my face with the cleanser, I let it completely air dry and then I moved on to my next step. After washing my face I didn’t feel dry or tight, it felt simply good clean, and refreshing!

Modere Toner:

One step that a lot of people don’t know about is using a toner. A toner is a daily exfoliant that softly removes everyday build-up and dirt from your face. Consequently some toners can be really harsh and damaging to your skin, especially if you are misusing them, but Modere’s toner is very mild and gentle. Not only is it an excellent exfoliant, it’s also smells great! The citrus scent is a major perk for the start of your day.

Modere’s Exfoliant:

Exfoliants are just as important as toners, and they are needed to keep your skin tone even and balanced. Exfoliants also assist with removing blackheads, cleaning pores and more. The best part about Modere’s exfoliant is how small the beads are! The small beads in this exfoliant is really perfect for sensitive skin. That means, even if you’re having a harsh breakout, this is really gentle on your skin and safe to use. It’s creamy texture is soothing to your pores but penetrates enough to get the job done! One of my favorite tricks to use after exfoliating is to rinse your face with cool water to close your pores back up. This makes the results for your exfoliant work even better!

 Modere’s Lotion & Night Cream

The absolute most important part of your skin care routine is moisturizing. Like any other part of your body, you need moisture to last you throughout intense days. Modere’s Day Lotion and Night Cream are specifically formulated to give your body the right amount of moisture for what your day consists of. Modere’s Day Lotion is a lighter moisturizer that evenly infuses moisture in your skin resulting in a more even skin tone and the perfect foundation for your makeup. Modere’s Night Cream is a deeper and heavier moisturizer that intensely works while you are sleeping, giving you intense moisture for softer skin. The best part about this is, a little goes A LONG way!

Modere’s Dual Action Eye Gel

Almost every woman complains about dark circles or puffy eyes, well not with Dual Action Eye Gel! I swear by this, after 3 days of using the eye gel I saw a remarkable difference! My eyes went from blahhh to bright, eliminating the use of heavy concealers and highlighting. The floral scent is phenomenal and the gel smoothly adhere to your eye area.

Every single product in my beauty box worked wonders for my skin. I couldn’t be more pleased with my ongoing results. One of the best things about this beauty box is –a little goes a LONG WAY. So I will be using these products for a very long time. If you are interested in having your own Beauty Box shipped to you or if you would like a free sample CLICK HERE

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