4 Things I Did To Increase My Water Intake

If you know me, then you know I absolutely hate(d) water. If there was nothing else in the fridge, I would just not drink anything to avoid drinking water. I hated the taste, it didn’t make me feel refreshed, my body was addicted to soda. In March I decided that I wanted to break my soda addiction. As much as I loved my 5 cans a day, I just couldn’t stand the thought that I was consuming so much sugar in one day. So I gave it up, cold turkey (with the exception of a few bad-day soda binging).

Although I’ve messed up a handful of times and popped open a Dr. Pepper (there are certain things water just doesn’t taste good with), I’m super proud of myself because I’m no longer addicted. Now, I can’t finish a can of soda, even if I wanted to.

After getting use to my new found love for water, I decided I wanted to take it up a notch and drink at least a gallon of water a day. Sounds insane right? Why would I take on a gallon a day when I just got accustom to drinking water period. Well honestly it’s because I wanted to detox my body from all of the sodas I’d been drinking my whole life, so that my body wouldn’t go back. Since I picked up the galloon a day method, I’ve seen so many amazing benefits. I’ve lost about 2-4lbs a week (off of water alone), my skin has cleared up tremendously, those dark spots that indicate too much sugar have brightened up back to my normal skin tone, and I overall feel better! But, it’s still hard … a gallon of anything is a lot of liquid to consume, and I often find myself not finishing the entire bottle by the end of the day. To make sure I reach my goal, I’ve put into practice 5 things that helps me increase my water (reaching my gallon a day goal.)

  1. Drink from a straw. No seriously, drinking from a straw is the easiest way to consume a lot of water in a short amount of time. When you suck through a straw, it is scientifically proven that you pull in more liquid than when you pick up a cup. So drinking through a straw helps me consume much more water in a smaller time frame.
  2. Switch to a water bottle (with a straw). A lot of people will carry around a gallon of water and attempt to just drink it from the big jug. I find that to be super overwhelming and annoying. Who wants to continuously carry that huge jug around? Plus, it makes you feel like you will never reach the bottom of the jug. Instead, switch to a water bottle with a straw. I personally like to use the Contigo 32oz. water bottle. It can be expensive, but I’ve lucked up on it at TJMaxx for $7! As soon as I finish my first round of water, I fill it right back up and work on finishing my second.
  3. Create checkpoints. You have to set small goals for yourself in order to complete your ultimate goal (the full gallon). So create checkpoints; ex. by 12 noon you should have completed 2 ‘contigo’ bottles of water. This is a great way to use your water bottle effectively. I personally love my 32 oz water bottle because it guarantees that I only have to drink 4 of them a day to complete my full gallon. So I typically drink 1-water bottle with each meal, and the 4th bottle I drink throughout the day in between my meals.
  4. Prepare to pee. Honestly, this is the most annoying part. Consuming so much water means never-ending bathroom breaks. Seriously, be prepared to go every 30 minutes to an hour. Luckily I work from home, or if I’m in the office it’s a relaxed environment so I can easily come and go as I please so it’s no issues there. But look at the bright side of it, if you’re always going to the bathroom, you’re always flushing your system out!

Share your secrets with me, how do you make sure you meet your water goals? Also, if you decide to embark on this new water-kick with me, please keep me informed. I’d love to learn about your results!



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