How To Order Sugar-Free From Starbucks

If you follow me on social media, then I’m sure you are aware that I am trying to break my sugar addiction. That’s right, I’m going sugar free. Initially this process started when I re-adopted Low-Carb back into my life. I’ve pretty much been a low-carby off and on since about 10th grade. With the assistance of my doctor and my know-it-all mama (no really, she knows every-freakin’-thing), I learned that a high protein, low-carb, minimal sugar lifestyle is amazing for my body type.

Back in February, I quit sodas. Yes, I sound like a druggie, but that’s because Dr. Pepper to me is like cigarettes to a smoker. I was drinking at least 4 to 6 cans of soda a day, and that doesn’t include other sweet treats like STARBUCKS.

I’ve never been a coffee drinker for the sake of needing coffee to be alert, but I do enjoy random Starbucks outings for the sake of getting out of the house, enjoying free wifi, working while people watching and indulging in a sugary drink. My thing: Caramel Macchiatto or a Caramel Frappe extra caramel drizzle. I love caramel.

With my recent lifestyle change I found myself bored. I felt like I couldn’t have fun snacks, eat out, or live life randomly … everything had to be planned, even my Starbucks outings. I learned that, I can still have sweet treats, even at Starbucks if I just alter my recipe a little… so I pieced together an easy way for Sweet Treat Lovers like myself to enjoy a guilt-free Starbucks outing. If you don’t speak Starbucks language (I don’t at all), simply walk to the counter and ask:

  1. What sugar-free syrup flavors do you have? Most locations carry: Cinnamon Dolce, Vanilla, and Hazelnut
  2. Once you decide your flavor, request either a hot or cold latte. There aren’t any carbs or sugar in lattes
  3. Next request heavy whipped cream, or heavy cream instead of milk. Again, low-carb and sugar-free friendly.
  4. If you have more of a sweet tooth like me, request a couple extra pumps of sugar-free syrup so that you’re satisfied to taste.

That’s it … TA-DA! So simple, and just like that … you’re back in Starbucks action. So now you won’t be the awkward friend drinking water while everyone else in your study group is wired on coffee. My favorite sugar-free drink is a hot latte with 3 pumps of SF Cinnamon Dolce and 3 pumps of SF Vanilla. The two flavors blends sort of remind me of caramel.

I plan to share a lot of my new sweet tooth alternatives with you. What else would you like an alternative for? folks have requested my  zero-carb, sugar-free Peanut Butter cookie recipe. Maybe that can come next!


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