10 Instagram Accounts I Love Following

I can’t be the only person who goes on a binge following spree. Once I find out my favorite people I love or favorite items are social media, well I’m the first to follow, and like. The same goes for Instagram. I live for using Instagram to catch up with my daily dose of favorite celebrities, potential lunch ideas, new room inspo and more. Here are 10 IG accounts I absolutely LOVE following.

The Travel Account – Travel Noire 

Photo From Travel Noire
Photo From: Travel Noire

I always find myself with a bit of wanderlust, especially now that I haven’t travelled internationally since September. I’m always searching for an exotic excursion. In the meantime, Travel Noire satisfies that craving for me. I tend to get lost in their documented photos, especially because the account caters to people of color.

The Foodie Account – The Picky Palate

Photo From: The Picky Palate
Photo From: The Picky Palate

Jenny sends me to hog heaven with her delicious family recipes. I adore her account because she not only shares recipes and delicious food adventures but she also shares family photos, life on the west coast and more. You’ll be obsessed with her sweet tooth, she’s always snacking on sugary goodness!

The Fellow Plus Blogger – Tanesha Awasthi

Tanesha Awasthi
Photo From: Tanesha Awasthi

Formally known as Girl With Curves, Tanesha recently rebranded her popular blog to transition from just a fashion blog to a lifestyle blog. I’m so proud of her! I’m my mind, Tanesha and I have been friends since I started reading her blog years ago. In fact, she inspired me to create Circa88! Her IG account is a mix of awesome outfit inspiration and her beautiful little family in Cali.

The Random Account – Girl With No Job

Photo From Girl With No Job
Photo From: Girl With No Job

Claudia is hilarious, her posts crack me up every day. If you are looking for light humor or a pick me up, scrolling down her feed will surely lighten your mood. Claudia is a self-made entrepreneur who has made a name for herself with her controversial posts.

The Person I Admire – Tracy Nguyen Romulus

Photo From Tracy Nguyen Romulus
Photo From: Tracy Nguyen Romulus

I’ve been following Tracy’s career since I was in college, she’s a PR guru and has been in the industry for quite some time with major clients like Big Sean, Kanye West, The Kardashian’s, all of Straight Out of Compton cast members and many many more. Not only do I adore her because of her business sense, I love that she found love in every aspect of her life. A beautiful career, a loving husband, and adorable girls, the cutest dog and amazing friends. I get lost in her daily activities and love every time she posts!

The Cutest Account – Siena and Buddha

Photo From: Siena and Buddha
Photo From: Siena and Buddha

This account is freakin’ adorable! It’s basically about a little girl and her loving dog. They are inseparable! Each post is about the day in the life of these two curious minds. One of my favorite posts was when Siena stayed at another person’s house and Buddha was crying outside of her door looking for her, when he noticed she wasn’t there he laid next to her bed waiting for her to come back. Sooo sweet!

The Home Decor Account – Inspire Me Home Decor

Photo From: Inspire Me Home Decor
Photo From: Inspire Me Home Decor

Looking for a little home decor inspiration? Or just getting goo-goo eyes over massively beautiful pieces and staging? Inspire Me Home Decor will take you a world of beautiful home furnishings, staging and more. It’s the perfect account for the dreamer.

The Beauty Guru Account – It’s My Raye Raye

Photo From: It's My Raye Raye
Photo From: It’s My Raye Raye

Not only is Raye Boyce a fabulous makeup extraordinaire, she’s also hilariously cute and fun to watch on IG. Sure, her account mostly 15-sec makeup tutorials but, she shares a little bit of her life along the way. She and her hubby are always on the ‘gram traveling, riding roller coasters and running to date night. Looks like they are the coolest neighbors anyone could ever have.

The Celebrity Account – Tamera Mowry Housley 

Photo By: Tamera Mowry-Housley
Photo From: Tamera Mowry-Housley

I must say, I live vicariously through Tamera Mowry. It all started when she and her twin sister, Tia, had their reality show. I fell in love with her bubbly personality and watched every episode of the short lived seasons. HD actually thinks Tamera and I act a lot alike lol. Hey, I don’t mind that. Once she began The Real, my love for her rekindled! So I find myself constantly ‘stalking’ her page waiting for updates of what she’s up to, that chubby little girl of hers and that curly head son! It also helps that she loves to cook and do DIY projects. I’m all in!

The Nail Account – Nail Decor Videos

Photo From: Nail Decor Videos
Photo From: Nail Decor Videos

One of the hardest decisions a girl makes on a regular basis is what nail color she will get next. Seriously, I ponder in the salon for at least 10 minutes as I search for the perfect color. To help make the process quicker, I scroll through Nail Decor’s video feed on IG to get a bit of inspiration before my bi-weekly nail appointment. It sounds a bit extra, but trust me it helps. If I didn’t use this account, I would be pondering on the perfect hue of blue for hours!

What are some of your favorite IG accounts? Comment below so I can follow!


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