5 Things Dream Chasers Do Wrong

Many of us are in pursuit of our dreams. We stay up at night, trying to figure out how to get to our ultimate goal. While we are all going after those things we desire, we sometimes take a few steps back because we are making simple mistakes while dream chasing. Here are a few mistakes that I have experienced, and I often witness people experiencing while chasing their dreams.

Mistake No. 1 – You’re chasing someone else’s dreams. We get so caught in the hype of people in pursuit of their dreams that we take on the “I think I can do that too,” spirit. Truthfully, you may be able to do it … and do it well; but is it apart of your purpose? Or are you just pursuing this new found dream because you saw someone else lay down the blueprint for you, and it’s now an easily obtainable goal? Make sure you aren’t pursuing someone’s dream, because you won’t succeed and in the end, you will only waste your time living someone else’s purpose.

Mistake No. 2 – You give up because it’s too difficult. Remember, to whom much is given, you should EXPECT that much is required. I like to think that dream chasing is difficult because it is the development process of who you truly are. In order for you to fully develop you should expect to experience growing pains. If it’s too easy, something is wrong … believe me!

Mistake No. 3 – Chase purpose, not paper. It irks me to hear people say they are only about their coin, or if it isn’t about dollars they aren’t interested. That’s the wrong mentality to have when you are pursuing your dreams. Why? Because money doesn’t always come first. It will come, but not necessarily first. Sometimes you must humble yourself and do things unpaid in order to gain experience, that will lead you into your destiny. If you are always focused on making money, you will always be worried about money; but I guarantee if you focus on gaining experience for your purpose, you will never go without. Why? Because when you chase your purpose, your every need will be provided. You will never lack or go without, that’s bible. (Romans 8:28)

Mistake No. 4 – Completing a goal and quitting. You must understand that the chase never stops. There is no glory moment where you feel like you’ve made it. Why? Because the vision always gets bigger and your goals expand. You will never feel like you’ve reached your highest potential if there is still breath in your body.

Mistake No. 5 – Thinking rest is for the weak. Oh the saying “sleep when you’re dead” is the worst of them all. Dreamers need rest. Dream chasing is a full-time career, and it’s only for the strong at heart. Because this is such a demanding and pivotal journey, one of the most important you will ever be on, you must equip your body with everything it needs to prosper… including rest. Days can be demanding, and the hustle honestly doesn’t stop, but you need to take a break. Stay on top of giving yourself rest for the sake of your health and your dreams. In the end you will realize you have gotten much farther and you are much happier with the balance of hustle and mind-body balance.

I love giving tips on dream chasing because I live this truth every single day. I’ll be back with more helpful info –until then, read one of my first blog posts about me quitting my 9 to 5 years ago here.


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