How To Be Confident When You’re Not In Your Comfort Zone

My most frequently asked question is, How am I so confident? The truth is, being confident is a choice, even when I’m not feeling so ‘confident.’ I’ve learned that I can either believe in myself, even when I’m not so sure, or I can fall deep into self-doubt; and that just hurts too much! Here are a few ways I’ve learned to be confident even when it’s out of my comfort zone.

Do Something Different Every Day. In order to see different results, you have to do something different. I learned early on that I had to break routines so that I wouldn’t dwell in my comfort zone because things don’t always go the way we expect them to, and my mental should be able to adjust to that. Whether is a big change like budgeting for a special trip, or a simple change like choosing a new restaurant to try for lunch … it’s change, and your body has to get use to it so that you can easily dwell in uncomfortable settings.

Trust Yourself. Nobody does you quite like you do. That’s literally 90 percent of why I am so confident. Even if I’m in a room with people who are smarter, wealthier, cuter, or more popular than me, I don’t lose my confidence because I know I have something valuable to offer the room … and that’s me. Know your worth, and boldly bask in it.

Think On Your Feet. A part of being confident is being able to think clearly during times of stress. This doesn’t mean you need to be able to belt-out lots of information during intense times; this simply means that you should be able to work well under pressure. Try having conversations with people who are nothing like you. Or interacting with someone you normally wouldn’t share a space with. If you can do those things without feeling anxious, then you’re on your way to building your confidence.

I remember as a little girl, I would spend my summers in Los Angeles with my Cali-Family. My parents would drop me off to the airport, and I would board a plane and fly 6 hours. I was 10 years old traveling 3 thousand miles alone. It was the most uncomfortable thing I’d ever done, but it molded me into being an outgoing, well-traveled, confident little girl. Being a small-town Alabama girl spending summers in LA with a bunch of city girls evolved me, and made me “do something different,” trust myself,” and “think on my feet.”

We have to put ourselves in uncomfortable situations to develop our confidence. Do something out of the ordinary every day, so that you can not only learn who you are –but like who you are.


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