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Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 10.33.26 PMAs spring and summer rolls in, many are busy planning beach vacations, preparing for concerts, (Hello “On the Run” Tour) and getting ready for family reunions. Spring and warmer weather brings about love, and love usually brings about marriage.
I’m on the invite list for two weddings this year, one I’m a participant and the other I will be a guest, luckily, seeing that they’re only 2 weeks apart!!

There are tons of books and sites full of “what not to forget'” and “to-do” information for the Bride & Groom, but has anyone thought of the etiquette of a guest? Being a guest at a wedding requires much more than just showing up. As the couple prepares for what will probably be the most important day of their lives there are a few things that guests must remember to make the day as pleasant as possible for the Mr & Mrs. Maybe I’m a sticker for tradition and etiquette, (hey, I’m southern born and bred), but it’s just rude when guests fail to realize that the day isn’t about them.
Here are 4 things that are a “must remember” for guests who have the honor of attending these much planned ceremonies.
What you wear is completely dependent on the time of the wedding. You don’t want to show up over or under dressed. My mom has always said “there are two things you dress up for; weddings and funerals” so I tend to come always over dressed. Afternoon weddings are usually more casual that evening weddings. This may seem small, but pictures last forever. I would hate to be the one in the maxi sundress standing next to cocktail dresses and black tuxes….
It’s a french term, Respondez S‘il Vous Plait, which means Respond Please. This is extremely important and painstakingly irritating when guests don’t bother or forget. If the bride and groom request an RSVP, please be courteous and send one back by the requested time. RSVPs are requested for multiple reasons, the most important one that I can think of is because of food. Food is an extremely important part of the wedding budget. Some couples purchase reception food by the plate. How embarrassing is it to not have enough food because 15 people decided not to RSVP. Don’t be one of those people.
Nothing is worse than creeping in after the wedding has started. It will probably be really quiet and emotional and here you come in, 30 minutes late, disruptive. I’ve been to several weddings that will not let you in after the ceremony has started (I totally agree with this). The last thing you want to tell the bride is that you missed the wedding because you were not on time.
If the couple was thoughtful enough to include you in their big day, please be thoughtful enough to bring a gift. The couple will most likely be registered somewhere. If they take time to register, it’s probably for a reason. — USE THE REGISTRY. It tells you, item by item, what the couple needs. If this is a last minute gift, opt for a gift card. It isn’t as thoughtful, but accepted. Please don’t be the guest who’s on time, looks amazing, has RSVP’d but shows up without a gift.
This is just a small list that is important for those attending the wedding. I’m sure there are plenty more out there. Have you been to a wedding when guest violated these rules? Speak up! Add to my list!
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