J.deyawn: With A Heavy Heart #MikeBrown

unnamedI’m usually not a writer of politics and injustices, those things are a bit much for me, but I woke to alarming news that caused a SMH moment.

Another unarmed Black teenager was murdered in Ferguson, MO, a suburb of St. Louis, Saturday night. This murder makes the 3rd KNOWN death of an unarmed African American man within the last month. Since the untimely death of Trayvon Martin, this has become a common occurrence that’s making the hearts of my generation numb.

As outraged and we are, and have very good reason to be, the residents of the Ferguson Community begin showing their anger and protest by rioting and looting. Though the anger is touchingly understandable, rioting and looting is not the answer. In addition to senseless murders, we “get back” at the injustice by ruining our own community? Who benefits from that? I saw an Instagram post that gave me a overwhelming nauseous feeling. It was a caricature post of white men laughing and pointing. The men were captioned as saying “Look at them, tearing up their own community, trying to teach us a lesson, LOOK AT EM”
As sad as that post is, it’s truth. My generation has to learn how to think rationally, even in the time of outrage. I spoke with a friend today who calls St. Louis his home. His feelings in general: Embarrassment. We should not be rioting and looting in an attempt to protest and to fight injustice. It brings about no change. MLK said it best, “A riot is language of the unheard”. Any no one listens to a riot, clearly.
We must do better, we’ve must think with a clear mind and a conscious heart. Mike over came the statistics in his community. He was a high school graduate and on the verge of attending college. I’m praying for his family and the community as a whole. But my constant prayers is to change the mindset of the coming generation.
Thinking ahead,
**I used the terms “we”, “my” and “our” because although this happened 500 miles from my home, this is still OUR problem.


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