Life Update: Smith Party of 4

We are almost 2 months into having Crown home with us, and it finally feels like we are finding our groove. They say going from 0 to 1 is much harder than going from 1 to 2, and I agree in some aspects, but sheesh, it’s been rough finding our way.

The saying is true, in the aspect of already being in the groove of being a new mom. My motto going into this was, I’m already tired, I might as well stay tired and raise another new baby. When we first found out we were expecting Crown, I had so much anxiety about if I could handle it all. Brave is naturally very needy. He’s still a baby, and with his difficult birth he has required a lot more TLC than non-injured babies. So my fear was would my capacity expand for her. And it did, immensely, for both HD and myself.

I never knew I could stretch myself so much. It blows me away every time I power through and make it to another bedtime with two babies with full bellies and a heart full of love.

So how are we? Everyone keeps asking. We are EXHAUSTED lmbo! No seriously, I’ve never been so tired in my life. While I’m exhausted, I’ve also never felt so fulfilled in my life, never felt so loved, so needed, so important … ever. The saying is very true, your heart expands and makes room for more love to come in.

I’m so proud of HD and I, we’ve managed to make it work. Day by day we dig a little deeper to finish stronger. Day by day we find another area where we’ve improved. Day by day we’ve given each other more grace that before. This really is a journey.

I’ll be sure to share updates along our first year of 2 under 2. I can’t wait to see where this ride takes us.

– Triena


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