Life Lately

It’s Friday folks! Actually, it’s starting to scare me knowing that June is almost over and the first six months of the year has flown by. Since time is flying, I felt it was time to play a little catch up. Feel free to stop me in my tracks by commenting with updates on how you’re doing.

First. Circa88 has literally blown up since the last time we touched base back in January. Some kind of way a picture of me went viral and consequently broke the internet and my site. Since then I had to adjust the blog to hold a few extra readers because let’s just say, space was TIGHT.

Second. I’m having severe wanderlust. No seriously, I haven’t been out of the country since last September … and these little random road trips are fun, but I need something more. With that said, I’m taking recommendations on where to head next. I’m thinking Mexico or maybe Key West again? I prefer quaint little getaways instead of “turn up” spots … so no Cancun or Jamaica for me haha.

Third. I finally switched my hair color back to brown. The blonde was fun, but I was over it fast. So note to self … being a brownie is my thing and I’m cool with that. If you ever hear my mention that I may change my look back to blonde … stop me in my tracks please. Caramel, maybe. Blonde, no!

Fourth. I’ll be hosting a panel with Everything Girls Love in NYC on July 22, 2016. I would love for you to come and hang out with me. It should be pretty amazing… there are a lot of amazing women the panel. What I love best about Girls Hustle Harder weekend is how intense it gets. If I could describe the weekend, it reminds me of that parked car conversation you have with your very best friend or your sister. You know the one where you pour your heart out about your dreams, any obstacles, or set backs. It’s truly an authentic platform that welcomes women of many backgrounds to be who they are and to step into what they want to become. With that said, I hope to see you there! Tickets can be purchased at

Fifth. My birthday is coming up, and I haven’t celebrated my birthday in years! What should I do? Something low-key … like a mini shin-dig at the house. Or maybe a weekend getaway with my boo-thang. Suggestions welcome.

So how are you? Let me know what’s been going on in your life. I can’t wait to hear!


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