#lifestyler Consistency Is Key

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 12.00.54 AMOne of the most important lessons I’ve learned as a dream chaser is … CONSISTENCY IS KEY. As cliche as it sounds, the lesson is entirely true and holds a lot of value. In every endeavor I’ve encountered, the make or break point has always been consistency. Ultimately if I failed or succeeded was solely based on if I maintained what I was doing. I guarantee if you’re at a breaking point of some dream you’ve been trying to fulfill, if you sit back and question yourself: Did I follow through? Did I keep up? Was I consistent?  … You will find a missing link in the puzzle, and it probably falls under inconsistencies.

Think about it, when we get weary about pursuing our dreams –or when things don’t go our way, what happens? We slack up, we break the pattern and from there it’s a domino effect. So before you throw in the towel entirely, try a little longer and be consistent. Before you know it, things will fall into place and you will be in a constant pattern of pursuing your dreams on your own terms. Here are a few tips I’ve found quite helpful with being consistent while chasing my dreams.

  1. Have Discipline. This is the hardest part. When you are working on your own dreams –you always put yourself last. It never fails that as the day comes to an end, you’ve looked over your agenda and you’ve gotten everyone else’s stuff accomplished but yours. Consistency is really all about disciple. It’s about making your dream a priority and getting things done when there’s no one there to make you do what needs to be done for your business. You truly are your own boss when consistency is in perspective. So be strict on yourself… and put in the work, consistently! Stop putting things off because when you do things never get done. Have discipline and stay on top of yourself to complete every task in a timely manner as if you had someone managing you. And if you don’t see yourself getting it done, have someone check in with you to make sure you’ve met your deadlines.
  2. Find Inspiration. Another downfall of consistency is boredom… when you’ve being consistent for so long and you don’t see immediate results, you become discouraged and bored; but don’t let the temporary fog get in your way. See past it and find inspiration from somewhere else. As a blogger I often get writer’s block or I feel like I’m running out of content. When those moments strike, I have to dig deeper and think outside of the box … I may just find inspiration from a random coffee run or lunch outing with my girlfriends. Just try to keep your eyes and ears open for inspiration because it comes from all aspects of life.
  3. Build From The Momentum. So you’re dream chasing, making major moves or connections and things are going great! Well … rule number one, DON’T STOP! It’s so easy to get caught up in the hype and become comfortable, but that’s the worst thing you could possibly do. Build from the momentum, if you’re making new connections, keep going! Use that connect to land you another connect … but don’t stop. Always build from your high points.

“Success is the result of small efforts repeated day in and day out.”


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