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img_7182img_7184-2img_7185img_7187-2img_7189img_7186img_7190We live in a time where who we truly are can easily be replaced with who we want to be or who we pretend to be. Thanks to social media and media influence, we have learned to wear a mask and hide our authentic self. Well the minute I dressed myself in this beautiful garment, I was reminded of who I am… A QUEEN!

Grass-Fields has truly brought back the true meaning of getting dressed. In today’s world people are searching for the biggest sale, the quickest find, and the easiest option in clothing. They’ve lost the meaning of finding great fashion, good materials and items you will love, cherish, and carry from season to season in your wardrobe. I’ve finally found a handmade company that honors that code. Providing unique pieces that can be cherished and used repeatedly in your wardrobe.

Funny story, my grandmother was very particular about the clothes she bought us. I remember wanting a jumpsuit from Roseland in Chicago, and she refused to buy it for me. Why? Because she knew it wouldn’t last more than a few wears and she didn’t want to spend money on something that was worthless. The lesson she taught me was that shopping for clothes should be an investment; and if it is of poor quality, well it doesn’t matter how much you like it, it won’t last.

Receiving this beautiful set from Grass-Fields reminded me of that. The quality was like no other, made to last! The colors were rich, and it felt as if it was exclusively made for me. What I loved most about it is, their sizing ranges from small to 4x, making their clothes readily available for everyone.

When I think of my personal style, I like to think of myself as a sophisticated risk-taker. Meaning that I like to try things out of the ordinary, but with clean style and grace. Grass-Fields is just that, out of the ordinary. I am in love with every single cultural piece they have to offer!

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Bola Set: Grass-Fields


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