Respect The Process

RTPI have always been a planner, a diligent planner. I function so well with a schedule, unfortunately over-planning has become my worst enemy. There was a point in my life where I would find myself so eager for things to pick up and go “according to plan” and guess what? They never did … Not once in my dream chasing journey have things gone exactly as planned. So I stopped planning.

My planning was so forced, so anxious and anxiousness gets you nowhere. “Be anxious for nothing, but in supplication with thanksgiving make your requests.” That means I had to learn to stop being anxious because anxiousness equals worrying, and why worry if you’ve humbly asked and know that all things work out.

It is within the process of getting to our goal that we learn the most about ourself. Our toughest battles and our strongest victories are created in these moments. So why are we so fixed on the goal? Accomplishing your goal is just a stamp of approval, simply a round of applause to say you did it. You are made through your process. You are who you are because of growth, so never rush it. It’s there to equip you for your gift. It’s not fun, it’s exhausting and you may feel as if you are much more deserving, but it’s with purpose and it’s worth it. In all of those moments of me planning my life; I would be so eager to accomplish goals by a certain year or age and it never happened. That’s not to say that it will never happen, but it is to say that things don’t work on my terms. I’m a strong believer in the manifestation of time and opportunity; when they perfectly line up magical things happen, serendipity if you will. Allow life to happen –stop forcing it. Planning is great, but over planning can be very dangerous. All things that are suppose to be will be. That’s no excuse to be lackadaisical, but know that if your life isn’t going exactly how you expect it to, it’s because it’s not ultimately up to you. Everything is happening with purpose, on purpose. Take the punches and roll with them. I guarantee, every punch happens for a reason and in just a few years you will look at your situation and be grateful.SLI challenge you to respect your process and realize that you haven’t been left out. In those moments where you become frustrated about where you are in life, reflect on all the things you’ve learned and how much you’ve evolved. You may not be exactly where you want to be, but as mentioned before somewhere in your life divine timing and opportunity will perfectly line up and create infinite possibilities. Just remember to trust and respect your process.




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