Reward Yourself With Forgiveness

forgivenessOne of my subscribers asked how do I move on from bad encounters, situations, and negative confrontation. Truthfully, I’ve never been one to hold a grudge, it takes entirely too much energy; and if I’m ever “angry” with you, that means you have power over me. I try not to let people make me angry because no one deserves that power. Frustrated, maybe; angry, no! There’s a huge difference between holding a grudge and not being foolish. Sadly people often confuse the two. Sometimes people think if you don’t hang around the same people you once hung around, or never got back to the point where you once were with whoever you had conflict with, that you’re holding a grudge. That’s not always the case. I like to think of it as not putting myself in a similar situation to potentially have the same negative outcome. It’s merely practicing a lesson learned.

I believe in every situation there’s something valuable to be learned. Whether it be an ‘ah-ha’ moment in which you learn something new about yourself or you even have a transitioning phase in your life where you grow from whatever happened to you. The hard part is, when things go sour, we tend to carry unnecessary burdens, negative energy and we’re quick to justify our circumstance. Kind of like, “Being angry is okay, because of this: (Your excuse here.)”

I dare you to take one of your angry excuses, ball it up and toss it in the “sea of forgetfulness.” I know somethings seem unruly and flat-out unforgivable. The missing link is, anything is forgivable. What matters is our response, and what lessons we learn. Forgive your friend, significant other, or whomever took a situation to the land of no return. Just don’t put yourself or that person in those situations ever again.

You deserve forgiveness. You do! While you sit and offer unmeasurable amounts of negative energy on being angry and holding a grudge. You could have done something much easier; forgave them and moved on.

I understand every situation is different, and no one knows your story better than you. One thing is for sure, forgiveness is a gift. Not for them, but for you. Forgiveness is a powerful energy that we tend to alter. We think of forgiveness as showing mercy on others, casting blessings to those who hurt us but it’s not. Forgiveness is really being the strongest in the situation and showing someone no matter what they’ve done, you aren’t broken, you aren’t bothered and you can firmly stand on your own. Forgiveness is a present to yourself, a token to move forward, for your sake and on your behalf. It has nothing to do with them, and everything to do with you. Try it.

Xo, Triena


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