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Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 3.14.30 AMAll of our life we have been taught to have our own. The question is have we taken independency too far? Independency is a great attribute to have; but when it questions the status of your relationship or could be the reason you aren’t in a relationship, there may be a few things to consider.

You’re a boss, you’ve always been a self-motivated, focused individual. You can think for yourself, you march to the beat of your own drum. Any and everything that you want or need, you’ve got it handled. Could that be what’s wrong with your relationship? Are you wearing the pants? He may feel inferior to you. Better yet, are you the reason you’re single?

Gents: When do you want to be needed in your relationship? When are you needed too much? How independent is too independent?

Ladies: How do you find a balance in being the boss but still letting your man take the lead?

My Personal Story I am very strong-willed, I know what I like, don’t like, will tolerate and more, especially with business. I know how to find a balance of being the boss and needing my boyfriend. I always need him, and I always include him. I think for the both of us, as does he. Instead of being inferior to him or he being inferior to me, we have a healthy balance where we value you each other’s opinions, beliefs, differences, etc. He leads, I follow, I lead, he follows… we’re equal, and both bosses. I’ve learned, it’s best to be considerate of each others best ‘accents’ in a relationship, because it makes the relationship run smoother. Highlighting areas in which you are good at offers points of leadership in relationships. A minor example, H is excellent with finances, he leads in that area of our relationship. I’m great at planning, I lead in that area. It’s all about balance; when you have balance, someone is always needed.

Xo, Triena

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