• Brave is 8 months and honestly, HD and I finally feel like we have this parenting an infant thing down! Everyday is a new learning opportunity for us but we officially-officially have a system that works for our baby boy and it feels great to have a little sense of normalcy because nothing about being a new parent feels normal… [Continue Reading]

    Everything We’ve Learned As New Parents Thus Far
  • Blogging right now has been a real struggle, between balancing being a new mommy, all of the craziness in the world, and so much of it weighing on my heart, I just haven’t been feeling inspired. Despite being inspired, I realized I have some mama’s following me that need all the tips and recommendations they can get as their little… [Continue Reading]

    My 6-9 Month Must-Haves
  • I remember when I was pregnant, I knew I had it figured out. In my mind I was prepared for motherhood. I was auntie of the year to over a dozen nephews and nieces, and I knew all about babies. There’s literally a new baby born in my family every year so I figured I was covered with experience. It… [Continue Reading]

    10 Things No One Told Me About Becoming A New Mom
  • Not gonna lie –getting back in the swing of things after having Brave was much harder than I thought. He’s practically 5 months old and I’m just now getting around to doing my first styled post. It felt good to be back out-of-the-house creating content, and I must admit, it was a plus that my 5-month hiatus fell right through… [Continue Reading]

    Bright Sweaters: My Transition To Spring Style
  • If you know Brave you know he’s an extreme arm baby. He loves to feel snuggled, like he’s being held. So for the first 12 weeks of his little life, he only wanted to be in the arms of someone. While I was pregnant and finding all of the items on my must-have list, I knew I would need a… [Continue Reading]

    How Oribel High Chair Saved My Life

Sweaters And Chiffon

Lately my personal style has been a mix between flowy-chic and structured. I enjoy pieces that move and aren’t too stiff because it prefer comfort in clothing. Pairing a nice structured sweater with a skirt that moves is the cutest way to accent a good skirt length; and it’s almost Easter weekend I decided to pull out my adored bunny…

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Reward Yourself With Forgiveness

One of my subscribers asked how do I move on from bad encounters, situations, and negative confrontation. Truthfully, I’ve never been one to hold a grudge, it takes entirely too much energy; and if I’m ever “angry” with you, that means you have power over me. I try not to let people make me angry because no one deserves that…

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crave & save

I’ve been obsessing over Valentino’s rock star studded pumps for the past few years. I wasn’t sure if I was drooling over the style crave or the price. It’s been my mission to find a more budget friendly version that was just as seamless and gracefully done. Let’s thank the shoe gods for Sam Edelman. Edelman gave us a stylish…

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Every woman needs a little black dress in her closet, that doesn’t mean the fit has to be ‘little.’ Feel comfortable, even when you’re wearing all black. I always like to add a pop of color or print to anything I do. You can’t go wrong with pairing leopard with all black and a bold lip. Outfit Details: T-Shirt Dress:…

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Oil Cleansing Method

Before you think I’ve lost it, it is exactly what it sounds like; cleansing your face with oil! I know it sounds a little cray, especially since we are taught ‘oily skin’ is the worst thing in the world to have. Well this works quite well for my normal-combination skin type. The reason why OCM easily works, especially for acne…

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