Styled By HD

Puma1 Puma2 Puma4 Puma5After being in the city, I’ve had to find more comfortable clothes. I’ve never been much of a “sneaker head” but I must admit, these long blocks and avenues have me reconsidering wearing heels and flats! One of the first things HD mentioned to me when I relocated was, “we gotta get you some comfy clothes, kid!” (His exact words lol.) He enjoys to see me in relaxed wear, nothing too series. Though he loves me dolled up, he always tells me he loves my hair messy and uncombed, me in sweats with no makeup on (haha isn’t that a Drake verse?)

Annoying fact: Sometimes, I will spend hours on my hair –washing, scrunching, and diffusing it just so that I can get the perfect style. Then the first thing HD does when he sees me is rub his hands through my head messing up everything I just worked for. Haha, I love it though.

Long story short, HD came home with this fly set that he felt would look great on me. So here’s to HD styling me in something cute and comfy. He even got himself the matching Puma track suit and kicks…I guess I’m a sneaker head now? Haha, not!

Outfit Details:

Tshirt & Joggers: Puma

Sneakers: Puma

Blue Lipstick: MAC Royale Matte



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