Living My Life Like It’s Golden

I turn 29 today and I find myself transforming into a very comfortable space in my life. Years ago when my birthday rolled around, I would find myself over evaluating where I was in my life and if I felt like I’d accomplished everything that I’d set out to do.

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26 Life-Learned Lessons

26Today’s my 26th Birthday … typically I’d be celebrating the entire month away, but life seems to be much more calm now days, and I must say I’m really enjoying it! I decided to share 26 Life Lessons I’ve learned this year.

  1. Being Your Own Company Can Be Your Best Company. This year I’ve spent a lot of first moments alone. I used to always run with a ‘clique.’ Always me and my family or friends on the go. Last summer was the first time I actually did things by myself and I loved it. Big or small it’s always fun to enjoy alone time, being trying that new coffee shop that just opened or going on a trip where no one knows your name.
  2. Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy. The minute you stop comparing yourself or your circumstance to someone else is the minute you will love yourself or your situation even more.
  3. Learning To Not Care So Much. I’m a leo, so naturally I care and am passionate about every single thing. Whether it’s proving the last point in an argument or just going that extra mile to help someone out. Caring too much can be so draining, and I often would go too far to help people out. So when something went wrong I was heavily affected by it. I remember asking my boyfriend why did things bother me so much when something went wrong. His answer was simple, “You care too much… so when someone is upset with you or bothered by you, it bother’s you tremendously because you are overly concerned. Just stop caring.” I must say this was one of the best things I’ve done for myself this year.
  4. Choose Happiness. Ever been affiliated with someone who sucked the life out of you? I had a few people in my life that did just that to me. It was like, I didn’t have time to deal with my own issues/problems or life because I was too busy being their shoulder to cry on. Eventually I had to choose between their problems or my happiness. I decided to only surround myself with those on the same pursuit of happiness. So let’s just say the circle definitely got smaller 😉
  5. Fear Is The Thief Of Purpose. Don’t miss out on your purpose because you were too afraid to take risks.
  6. Try New Things. I’ve never had a problem doing this in the first place, I love to try new things. However I took it up a notch this year. I didn’t just order something new on the menu, I took on new hobbies too, travels and more.
  7. Healthy Really Is The New Black. I’ve adopted a semi-new lifestyle. Believe me, I still can’t deny gooey fries from Baumhowers, nope not yet! But I’m 26 … and I have a lot that I want to accomplish in my lifetime … I have to be around and full of life to do it.
  8. Stop Planning, Just Do. I’ve always been a planner, and though it’s a great thing to be, it’s also been my downfall. Some things in life can’t be strategically planned out. I’m now trying to just roll with the punches.
  9. Super-Girl Syndrome. This is one of those titles I created for myself. I’ve always been the super girl amongst my friends and family. It’s probably because I’m extremely reliable and can always manage to get the job done. So when things come up, my folks naturally look to me to make sure it gets done. Because of this ‘Super-Girl Syndrome.’ I always find myself bailing out on my original plans to save someones butt. But NOT ANYMORE! Instead of breaking my back for everyone I’ve learned to be available if I can be, and if I’m not available, oh well. The minute I altered my super-girl syndrome I felt a weight lifted off of my shoulder. I felt like I had so many responsibilities wearing the Super Girl title, especially being the girl with no obligations (no kids, husband, etc.)
  10. Stack Your Money Til It Gets Sky High. Yes honey, money does look better in the bank. I learned that quick. I was a shop-a-holic, but trust me being a shop-a-holic is pointless if you have no where to wear those poppin’ pumps to if you can’t afford to go anywhere. Make it your business to save money. I do believe in spending money as well. I hate when people hold on to money too tightly like they can never get it back. I live by the 80/20 rule. Put away 80% … the rest is play money honey.
  11. It’s Our Duty To Be A Student And A Teacher. In every situation or path we cross there is something to be learned and something to be taught to someone else.
  12. Find An Outlet. In order to stay balanced, you have to find an outlet to release all of the negative energy you’ve consumed. Whatever it is, it must be enjoyable. Finding an outlet will temporarily give you a mental vacation from whatever is consuming your energy.
  13. Be Anxious For Nothing. I had to train myself to do this quickly, and it took a lot of hard work. I’m such an intense person, I live hard, I love hard and I dream big. So it’s somewhat difficult for me to not be anxious. I had to learn how to expect nothing but accept everything. When you learn to not anticipate on anything you won’t be so let down if things don’t go your way, and if they do go on the up-and-up, then it would be a pleasant surprise.
  14. Allow Serendipity To Take Place. Perfect timing, and opportunity. when you stop forcing your life to go a certain way, things will just start falling into place. All the dots will connect, pure serendipity. It’s an amazing feeling.
  15. Smoke And Mirrors Are Real. Everyone wants to be/seem important, so most of the things you see on social media is just as faux as a bubble gum machine mood ring.
  16. Surround Yourself With People That Can Take You Higher. The No New Friends motto does not apply here, especially if you’re looking to grow. If you’re amongst a group of people and you’re the smartest person in the group, then it sounds like you need to be moved to a new group. In order to grow and keep making major moves, you have to learn from those better than you. There’s nothing wrong with old friends, we all have them, but don’t cut your growth off because you’re #teamnonewfriends.
  17. Say What You Want. Being verbal is key. We expect for people to automatically know what we want or to be able to guess what type of person we are … but the fact is they don’t. You must state what you need, because no one knows you like you.
  18. Love Yourself Enough To Not Play Yourself. Ever felt like you pulled the short end of the stick? Or felt like something wasn’t good enough for you but you sucked it up and went along with it anyway? Don’t… you deserve the best. Always go for the best.
  19. May The Space Between Where I Am & Where I Want To Be Inspire Me. My life mantra … so powerful. I’m not near where I desire to be, but I refuse to let the fact that I haven’t met every goal on my list get me down. This thing called life didn’t promise to be perfect, but you can choose to be inspired throughout your process. Always learning, always growing, with no regrets.
  20. Enjoy Yourself. Stop being so hard on yourself all the time! Everyone needs a break …
  21. Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable. Working outside of your comfort zone is where all of the magic takes place. It’s the space where you learn the most about yourself, your strongest and weakest points. It’s the most beneficial work environment for growth.
  22. Believe In Something. The Universe, Buddha, God, Allah, Krishna, SOMETHING! Having a belief in something bigger than you keeps focused. Ultimately it’s about the big picture, whatever your big picture may be. People are so concerned with what you believe in but the most important part is that you believe. If you believed in nothing then you live for nothing. Having faith carries us through life … and this life is too complex to be in it alone.
  23. Enjoy Simple Things. Simply put, no one lays on their death bed concerned about not getting the extra hours at work. Why? Because life isn’t really about the hustle.
  24. Breath. There’s a special place, between constant deep breaths that are magical. Last year on my birthday I took a 30 day meditation challenge. I’d never meditated before, plus I’m a little busy body, so it’s hard for me to settle down for being in the ‘present moment.’ When I first began I could only focus and center myself for 2 minutes at a time… I’ve grown so much since then and I can now sit in silence for long periods of time. It touches the deepest parts of my soul … it’s like being in an open sanctuary within myself. The most powerful things take place while you’re in the moment of empty space between thoughts.
  25. Get Rest. Trust me I am the hustler of the year … but so many people equate sleep to weakness when that’s absolutely not the case. The truth is, we need rest. All of us, to live life to our fullest potential. Don’t burn yourself out because you gotta get to a paper chase or a hustle … without proper rest, you won’t be around to enjoy it.
  26. There’s No One Built Like You. You have the privilege of being the only perfect you … don’t sell yourself short and don’t let yourself down. You earned that right.

Happy Birthday To Me,


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