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4 Things I Did To Increase My Water Intake

If you know me, then you know I absolutely hate(d) water. If there was nothing else in the fridge, I would just not drink anything to avoid drinking water. I hated the taste, it didn’t make me feel refreshed, my body was addicted to soda. In March I decided that I wanted to break my soda addiction. As much as I loved my 5 cans a day, I just couldn’t stand the thought that I was consuming so much sugar in one day. So I gave it up, cold turkey (with the exception of a few bad-day soda binging).

Although I’ve messed up a handful of times and popped open a Dr. Pepper (there are certain things water just doesn’t taste good with), I’m super proud of myself because I’m no longer addicted. Now, I can’t finish a can of soda, even if I wanted to….

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