Head Held High, Standards Even Higher

I’ve learned so many valuable lessons this year, one of which is simply having high standards. After moving to Atlanta, I found myself picking up any random collaboration opportunities with hopes of “keeping the bills paid.” In all of my effort, and the never-ending grind of being an entrepreneur, I learned that, even if it’s a paid opportunity, that doesn’t mean you have to accept it.

It’s hard to resist a quick come up, or an easy dollar but remember … nothing good and long-lasting comes easy. Last week I sat back and reflected on the direction of my brand, Circa88; and as proud as I am of it I’m still not completely satisfied. Toward the end of 2016 and into early 2017 I found myself accepting mediocre collaborations with hopes of finding exponential growth and income for my brand. In the long-run I shorted myself because it produced lackluster content that I don’t want to live on my blog. Never again will I do that. Instead, I’m keeping my standards high. If a company doesn’t want to invest in premiere collaborations, their loss. I have a standard to uphold … and whoever is reading this, you should practice this too in your everyday life….

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6 Last Minute Gifts For Your Fave Flirty Curvy Girl

I have a thing for flirty fashion during the colder months. It’s so easy to dress in layers while still being a little naughty … just in time for Christmas. So here’s a few gifts that could save you stress and coins for your last minute shopping, and the plus is … all of these gifts are PLUS size friendly for your favorite curvy girl.

So first up, who doesn’t love rich tights and over the knee socks? It’s so hard for curvy girls to find good tights that give good stretch and over-the-knee socks. Torrid and Asos are my favorite brands that cater to that specifically.

Top those super cute tights and knee socks with over-the-knee boots from Target. Now ladies, these are standard size, but they are extremely stretchy and accommodate my ever-so-thick thighs and calves.

Trends always come back around, and we are actually happy to see the choker back in action. It totally gives me Clueless vibes … AS IF! So if you’re a plus girl who needs a little more wiggle room in your choker, Boohoo official as a ton of plus size chokers, which comes in larger sizes making it more comfy for thicker necks.

Complete your flirty winter look with the perfect faux leather jacket. Ashley Stewart‘s peplum jacket is the perfect finish to your winter wardrobe. It can be dressed up with a fabulous pencil skirt or dressed down with boyfriend jeans … trust me you need this, and so do I!

Then top the look off with a fun statement piece like Asos‘ “Elfie” clutch! Simply, cute, and definitely seasonally appropriate.

There you have it, a full list of everything your favorite curvy needs to fashionably slay Christmas day!

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