Birthing Brave: Labor & Delivery

Since I’ve shared other big moments in my life from proposals, and marriage, so it’s only right that I tell you about Brave’s birth story.

On Monday, October 21st I slept in really late. My family had been encouraging me to get all the rest I could get, so I took full advantage of having them in town and got a couple of extra hours of sleep that day. I woke up around 11am and went to the bathroom, I noticed instantly that early labor had started.

It’s funny because all night long while sleeping I remember waking up every hour or so to cramps and pressure but I was too tired to notice or do anything about it so I slept right through. Once I woke up and noticed early labor started I knew I needed to take full advantage of my day.

Around 12pm HD made us breakfast, and we headed for our afternoon walk. The neighborhood we live in has a lot of hills so I began to feel contractions on each incline and with HD’s help, I pushed my way through.

Later I took a nice hot shower, groomed myself in case I needed to go to the hospital later, washed my hair, gave myself a facial mask to calm my nerves and put on some cute pajamas to make myself feel good.

By this time it was around 3pm and I noticed my contractions were around an hour apart. This is progress because they originally started 3-4 hours apart. I knew if I wanted to stay ahead of pain management I needed to keep in motion and not just sit still, so my plan was to move, then rest, and repeat.

I cleaned the house, finished some laundry, took a break and lounged on the couch, my mom cooked chili and I enjoyed a nice big bowl, shortly after I enjoyed my early dinner –things really picked up.

By now I was in full blown labor at home. Which is exactly what I wanted. I chose to labor my entire time at home because I didn’t want to be admitted in the hospital and put in the bed right away. I knew I wanted to keep in motion and the best way to do that was staying home. My husband was a HUGE help. He stayed by my side through every single contraction, counted the minutes apart, and even helped me with positions to find comfort. He was a real trooper. We labored at home for 17 hours until about 2am when I finally couldn’t take it anymore and insisted that we went to the hospital.

By the time we got to the hospital my contractions were 2 minutes apart and I was 8 cm dilated. It was literally GO time. If I would have stayed home any longer our son would have been either born at home or born in the car. I was quickly admitted and set up for delivery. My doctor arrived an hour later and I was exactly 10 cm dilated, it was time to push.

The time was now 5:30am, so I had been in labor a total of 18 hours and still had a ways to go. Within minutes of pushing I became exhausted. It was literally the hardest thing I had ever done. 10-second intervals, 3 times, during contractions that were coming 2-minutes apart. that’s a total pushing time of 900 seconds. That’s 15 minutes total pushing (literally contracting your muscles for 15 minutes nonstop). THIS WAS A FIGHT lol.

I felt my body going into shock, I was shivering, having cold and hot sweats, slurring my words and there was no head in sight yet. Then our son crowned, it was beautiful, I saw every moment in the mirror and it was just the motivation I needed to keep pushing. My doctor cheered me on, my husband was proud and amazed and kept chanting positive affirmations (seriously, think Khaled vibes haha), my mom and sister were in awe! Everything was perfect but our son got stuck. His shoulders were too broad to push through, and we had very little time to get him out safely. So I pushed, and pushed, harder and harder fighting to squeeze him out. After 30 more minutes of pushing his shoulders finally popped out.

Our son, Brave Zaire Smith was born at 7:40 am on Tuesday, October 22, 2019. He weighed 7 lbs 14 oz (1 oz shy of 8 lbs) and was 20.5 inches long. He was absolutely beautiful and healthy, he lost a little oxygen when he was stuck but recovered very well.

But our fight wasn’t over. After Brave’s delivery my doctor began what was suppose to be a normal procedure, stitching me up. She quickly noticed that I didn’t tear in the usual way, I tore from the inside. My son ripped my cervix and I was losing a lot of blood and had 3rd degree tearing. They thought I would need a blood transfusion. It was too much to handle in the labor room, I had to be rushed to OR for immediate response.

After being separated from Brave and my husband for what felt like an eternity, I rejoined them in the recovery room 9 hours later. It was the most magical reunion of my life. I literally cried the entire procedure because I missed them so much and just wanted to see my baby. I only had 30 secs with him, no ‘golden hour’ like I hoped for. But, I finally had my family, we were finally together at once. It was absolutely beautiful and our life has been beautiful ever since. Brave’s now 1 week old and we are smitten. We’re not getting much rest these days but none of that matters when your heart is full of pure joy. We’re so in love. I can’t wait to share more updates about Brave’s life.

Thank you for your support throughout this pregnancy, you guys are the absolute best!

Xx, Triena

Buss’ Down Mommiana

Finding my confidence while pregnant has been completely different than what I imagined things would be. At first I found myself shying away from showing my curves or my personality in the clothes that I wore. I would grab loose fitting items and really hide this beautiful journey that my body was taking me through. That all changed when I started to feel like myself a bit more.

I decided I would really take the time to enjoy this body that I have, even if it is rounding out to perform a complete miracle! Brands like Zoe Tosca really helped me tap into my zone for finding my confidence. I went from being low-key hiding behind loose silhouettes to full on Mommiana vibes! I’ve never felt so FLY in my life!

Check out these fly looks from Zoe Tosca. The black and white set is not plus size, but the tie-dye set totally is!

What’s your favorite?!

Pregnancy Diaries: Hello Third Trimester

Hi there! I still can’t believe baby boy and I are in the home stretch. Today I turned 28 weeks and it’s officially the start of our third trimester. Not going to lie, things are drastically changing from second trimester to now. Everything I imagined pregnancy to be has been that with a side of gross. Yes, I feel BEAUTIFUL, but at the same time I’m belching and all of these weird things are going on with my body. It’s insane, like a beautiful insane. So here are a few updates to put some things in perspective.

Cravings update: We are still in love with chocolate ice cream. But now I have a weird craving for rice bowls and dipping a spoon full of cream cheese every day. I’m not sure what’s so satisfying about eating a spoonful of cream cheese but I love it.

No belly oils: Honestly, I gave up on the concept of belly oiling/moisturizing a long time ago. Why? Well I had stretch marks on my belly long before I got pregnant, ha! A few tiger stripes have never stopped my show … so I just roll with it.

Indigestion is NO joke: A few weeks ago I had a huge scare. I’d never experienced indigestion before so I had no clue what was going on. All I knew is that I was in a lot of pain and I was about to make HD drive me to the hospital. Luckily my mom was around and shoved a Tum down my throat and told me to calm down (drama queen.) It was just indigestion, but a really bad case of it. I was experiencing sharp hot pains in my stomach and chest, and I felt awful. Lying down to feel better was probably the wrong idea and is ultimately what caused me to vomit my delicious dinner I had just consumed. So now I sit up after I eat and I try to stay away from greasy foods later in the day. So painful!

Pregnancy brain can cost you: No, like really cost you money. I find myself not being as alert or attentive to detail like I normally would be. Often leaving things behind or forgetting to do stuff. Last week I accidentally parked in the wrong park (a park that I use every single day), and my car was towed costing me $200. *Sigh*

I’m so sleepy: I felt like during my second trimester sleep was a breeze. I snuggled up every single night on my pregnancy pillow and was knocked out within minutes. Now insomnia has set in and I can’t get more than 2 hour cat naps at a time. I’m either running to pee, or feeling baby boy kick and wake me up all night long. I’m hoping for more sleep in the near future.

Moving while pregnant is hard: HD and I need more space for when our baby arrives, so we are on the hunt for a new house which is tough in ATL. The market is all over the place and school is starting back so the options are pretty limited. It’s been a little stressful, but I’ve learned to be content and practice “what’s for us won’t miss us.” So keep us in your prayers because I’m not looking forward to decorating a nursery while having a new born at home.

Overall I feel excellent! Baby boy and I are both very healthy. Today he’s the 2.5 pounds and about 15 inches long, comparable to the size of an egg plant! I can’t believe I’m carrying around a whole little being inside of me. As always, I’ll keep you guys informed on the journey.

Xx, Triena

1/2 Way Baby Update

Today I’m 23 weeks, and baby boy is flourishing. So much has changed since my last update. The second trimester is much different than the first. I’m not as exhausted as I was in the beginning, but sometimes I push myself too far. I have to learn to keep it cool because my body is working over time baking baby boy.

I have experienced some weird pregnancy symptoms like, new cavities and dental issues. It’s been horrible. Apparently baby’s taking extra calcium from me so it’s time to up my intake. Other than that I feel absolutely fine.

So far everything has been amazing, and I’m so thankful. I feel great, I look great (everyone keeps telling me lol), and I am the happiest and most nervous I’ve ever been in my life.

So a few quick updates:

  • I have a doula! I’m so excited to have an extra advocate in the room so that I can focus on laboring and delivering, and HD can focus on me and baby boy.
  • I’m craving cereal and chocolate ice cream, neither of which I ever liked before.
  • I started doing prenatal yoga to really stretch and open my hips so that I can have some sort of relief with labor.
  • I can physically feel baby boy’s kicks without guessing if it was gas or movement, dad can now feel his kicks too (if I’m laying flat on my back). It’s amazing.
  • We learned that he has ver long legs … dad’s first reaction was “Scholarships!”
  • He has a name, and it’s beautiful! I can’t wait to share it with you guys in October when he arrives.

Well that’s it for now guys. I’m so so happy to have you all join in on this journey with us. It’s been a fun ride so far!

Sundress is from Forever21+ (wearing a 2x for comfort and to last me through my entire pregnancy, could have purchased a 1x)

How I Found Out I was Pregnant

Hey guys! I’m really going to try my best to document my entire pregnancy for you all, just how I did my engagement, wedding planning and the first few months of marriage.

So if you don’t know by now, I’m expecting! I’m 16 weeks and feeling like a burst of energy these days. This wasn’t always the case. The first 12 weeks were long and exhausting! So how did I know I was pregnant …

As cliche as it sounds, I knew something was ‘different’ about my body. The first signs that I noticed was my unexplainable exhaustion. No really! I had never been so tired consecutively in my life. Around the beginning of February, I found myself sleeping from 8pm until 8am the next morning, and I would even have to sneak out of my job to take a nap in the car. It was that bad! I was EXHAUSTED. On the weekends I could easily wake up at 12 noon and still take 2 naps in one day. I’ve never slept so much in my life.

The second thing that startled me was I just felt unsettled and not like my usual self. My body felt heavier than normal, I felt bloated, almost like I had period-like symptoms but it wasn’t quite time for my cycle just yet. So I basically blamed it on PMS, when it was actually implantation of our little bean happening in my womb.

If that wasn’t enough to alert me, it’s as simple as… I just knew! I’ve always been really in sync with my body. I know or can predict when things are about to happen, my cycle is very normal, so I just felt it, honestly. As a matter of fact, when I took my first test and calculated my prediction of a due date, I was literally 3 DAYS OFF from what my doctor predicted at my first ultrasound. She was even shocked to see how close I was able to get to the due date.

It feels like just yesterday I found out I was pregnant. It all happened during Valentine’s Weekend. After being exhausted the entire week of V-day, I decided to take a pregnancy test. Why? Well because my sister kept poking fun at me, suggesting that I was probably pregnant due to my new hobby of marathon sleeping. I finally gave in an peed on a stick the Saturday morning before my husband came back in town. Sure enough (NOT EXPECTING THIS BY THE WAY) … there were TWO positive lines on the test. It was 8am, I vividly remember. I screamed and boo hoo cried like a baby. I’ve never felt so many emotions in my life. My entire life flashed before my eyes. I called my sister immediately sobbing on the phone (I’m sure she thought someone was trying to harm me). We were both crying on the phone by now! She was excited and overjoyed, I was … shocked, scared, nervous, overwhelmed, slightly excited, terrified, unsure, a little joyous, did I say shocked?!

Honestly, I couldn’t believe I could get pregnant so easily. We weren’t trying, but we weren’t preventing either. For some reason I just assumed with me being 30, and having never been pregnant before, I would actually have to “try” to conceive. Well … Gods Plans are better than mine because here we are today with a strong heart beat and a healthy baby growing in my womb.

From there I planned the surprise of telling HD, and the rest of our immediate family. I’ll have to share all of the cute videos of how it went down for you all. It was MAGICAL.

I’ll be sharing the details on my first trimester with you really soon, I can’t wait to take this journey with you all. Thank you so much for all of your love and support.

Xx, Triena

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