baby girl

A Letter To My Daughter

Baby Girl …

We are patiently waiting your arrival, and I sit in awe of the fierce one you will be someday. Truthfully, I always knew I’d have a daughter, but I never knew you’d show yourself as quickly as you did. You were always meant to be, etched in history. Your name has been yours for as long as we’ve wanted you, ten years to be exact. We’ve spoken of you often, in casual conversation and prayers, and any day now you will be.

My prayer for you is to live a full-abundant life, one without any restrictions. I’m telling you this because as you grow up, after the diapers, bows, and toys, things will start to change. The innocence of the world will be snatched away like a cold-lonely night. You will stop carelessly hopping in puddles, chasing your big brother around, you will notice a difference. One day you will be confronted with what the world wants of you, and before that can happen I thought I should tell you that the most important thing there is, is what you want for you, because you are not of this world.

Things are different for us as women. We have to work harder, fight longer, and withstand much more than the average; especially as a black woman. But baby girl, you come from a long line of fearless women who have paved the way for you. Victory is your birth right. Perseverance is who you are.

So as life comes at you, as you grow and notice some of the things I’ve mentioned, my hope is that you cling tightly to who you are, one of one … a precious jewel, like no other. I hope that as those around you flock to fit in, you press forward to stand out. I hope that as others follow trends, you remain the timeless class-act that you are. My hope is that you speak up for those that have no voice, and avoid turning a blind eye. I hope you are a friend to the friendless, especially the ones that could use a bit of your joy. I hope that whatever you want in life, you fight and work hard for honestly. And most of all I hope that you know that you are worthy of every single thing your heart desires and your family will help you obtain those things one step at a time. We are thrilled to have you join our squad … your dad, your big brother Brave, and I can’t wait to meet you, little fierce one.

With Love,


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