4 Changes I’m Making This Spring

Spring has sprung y’all and my life is in literally moving at lightening speed. I can’t believe it’s nearly April! I had to do a quick check-in to see how everyone was doing. How are your goals? I hope you’re killing them! Me personally, I’m easing into my goals one step at a time.

There are a few things that I plan to do differently this season, and I thought I’d share them with you:

  1. Reward myself a bit more. I find myself working really hard to reach my goals, and then once I reach them I never even acknowledge the moment. I just move on to the next goal on my list.
  2. Be a little more active. HD and I have really changed our lifestyle for the better. We are laying low on meat, increasing our veggie intake, and I have completely stopped drinking sodas (YAYYY!) Y’all this is a big deal for me. I’ve been drinking at least 3 sodas a day since childhood. Now that we’ve gotten in the groove of making healthier decisions, I want to make sure I’m a bit more active. We’ve decided to be active for 1-hour a day to get things in motion. Nothing major, just power walks and maybe a little beginners yoga. So wish us luck!
  3. Save more than I spend. I know I’ve mentioned this before but, I’ve avidly attempting to save more than I spend. That means if I blow $200 a weekend on eating out and enjoying life then I better be putting $300 in savings!
  4. Enjoy the sun! This sounds pretty generic but, I don’t get enough vitamin D. Sometimes I find myself getting seasonally depressed because I haven’t been exposed to sunlight. Even if it’s just taking a stroll outside between conference calls, I owe it to myself to soak up some sun!

Do you have any goals for this spring? Make sure you share them with me. I may add them to my spring list, too!

A 30 Year Old’s Guide To Living Your Best Life

2018 has literally been a series of Lil’ Duval’s lyrics for me … “I’m living my best life! I ain’t going back and forth wit’chu ninjas!”

I was talking to my husband about my past, and some of the hard lessons I’ve learned. I shared with him one particular thing that I wish I could do over and if I had the chance I would have taken a different approach. He stopped me in my tracks and immediately told me he was proud of me for my growth and for recognizing my wrongdoings.

This really made me think, about my entire 20s and everything that took place in my life. Not sure if I shared this with you guys, but I turned 30 on August 5 and I really feel like I’ve evolved as a woman. I’m literally living my best life! It’s not because I have this lavish lifestyle and I’m slaying everyday, it’s because I’ve chosen to live my best life and these were the steps I took to get there.

I got strong. For years I felt like a pushover and a people pleaser, often putting others before myself. I stopped. I realized that I’m no good for anyone else if I don’t consider and take care of myself first. Make sure you’re good, everything else can wait.

I prioritized my relationships. This was a hard lesson to learn. I had to structure the people in my life by what was most important and valuable to me. Why? Because I was exhausted. It’s hard being there for everyone. It actually stretches you thin and sucks you dry. It’s even more a slap in the face when you’re always the friend or loved one who’s continuously supportive, but the same love isn’t reciprocated. So I made a list of who and what’s most important to me, and as long as that is always priority, my job is done.

I indulged in self-care. By now this post sounds super self-centered, and it is; but that’s because you must think of self in order to live your best life. I work really hard, and I deserve to go the extra mile for myself. Self-care doesn’t have to be a shopping spree, or anything expensive. Self-care is simply giving yourself the undivided attention you need, whether that’s running a hot bath, having dinner alone, or enjoying much needed quiet time at the start of your day.

I forgave those who wronged me. This may have been the most painful process I’ve ever been through. Lately I’ve been hurt and let down by a lot of people in my life. It was continuous, and it really stung. The ironic part is that I don’t know how to hold grudges. Even if you hurt me, or I hurt you, I’m always willing to work it out so that we can get back on track with our relationship. Even with the constant pain from people who I love. I’ve learned that everyone isn’t as forgiving as I am, and I can’t control someone’s process. So I chose to forgive them, for myself. I forgave them for my sanity and peace of mind, for my closure, and for my power because ‘he who angers you controls you’ and no one deserves that power.

I learn as much as I possibly can. Never stop learning people, as long as there’s breath in you. The minute you stop learning you have nothing to live for. Learning doesn’t have to be as traditional as going back to school, it can be through culture, travel or spiritual enlightenment. Dig to find out more so that you can discover more about yourself. I’m currently practicing meditation with HD to relieve the pressure of stress and anxiety. From this I am learning so much about my patience, mental stimulation, and my ever-so-short attention span.

I focus on LOVE. Life can be tough but I’ve learned to focus on what matters. There’s so many beautiful aspects of my life, and I am so appreciative of it all. I have a beautiful new marriage, a loving family, a promising career, my blog has amazing support, and a village that loves me and wants to see me win! I couldn’t be more happy. The fact is, I’m living my BEST life, and learning lessons along the way.

Dress: Torrid ($20 off!) | Boots: Target

Darling Retro Chic Summer

Y’all, this retro chic black tropical midi dress from Torrid is my entire mood for summer. I’m not a big fan of hot summer days, but these fun sundresses from Torrid have made me think otherwise. The colors, the texture, the shape all screams for a celebration. This skater dress in particular really digs into my personal style because it’s line with tulle for volume; but don’t worry, there’s a slip in between the tulle layers so you don’t get itchy and hot!

Paired with bright colored sandals, and fun sunglasses … mood set!

My Summer Theme & How I’m Doing Things

The first day of summer was just days ago, and I’m making it my business to get ahead of the curve literally and figuratively. For me, summer is my busy season. My clients schedules are super demanding which makes my personal life a little hectic. There isn’t much space for me to have downtime between June and September. I try my best to squeeze lemonade out of these lemons.

With that said, I’m finding a balance this summer. Last week was BET weekend, which was insane for my calendar, and next week is Essence Fest, which will be even more crazy. But between these hectic days, you will find me checking out to enjoy my first summer as a new wife with my husband. Random road trips are in the works, endless pool days, late nights binge watching our favorite shows, lots of roof top brunch dates overlooking our new favorite city. I’m being selfish, and I’m super excited about it!

For some reason this Marigold Yellow Chiffon Dress from Torrid gives me the vibe of my summer theme. The theme is balance, and this dress really screams that for me. It makes me feel relaxed and comfortable but still gives me enough formality to be paired with cute shoes and heels for an evening out on the town. So this gorgeous sundress along with the theme of my summer is not losing sight of balance. As much hard work as I put in, I should also find time to enjoy life.

This dress is currently sold out, but you can shop similar looks here:

Yellow Jersey Dress

Photography by: Andrea Foster Photography

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